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Challenges to the United Nations

The United Nations has been in existence for nearly 60 years and there is a need for renewal. While the principles of the organization remain firm, the quickly changing world requires that the organization adapt to new and changing realities.

The questions surrounding the United Nations are not new:

  • Is the UN fulfilling its mission in the world?

  • How can the UN better work with the US and vice versa?

  • Does it have the right priorities?

  • Will reforms work and which will work best?

The answers to these questions will frame coming decades of UN work.

Rebuilding the US-UN Relationship. The 2003 Iraq war was a low point for US-UN relations. But the potential for a renewed partnership and strong cooperation is at hand. The United States is a superpower, but in order to respond to the global threats of today, the United States and the rest of the world will have to come together at the United Nations.

Is the UN worth it? Reinventing the United Nations as a relevant player in international relations is a daunting but necessary task. Madeleine Albright, Ken Roth, and Nile Gardiner weigh in on the American perspectives of UN relevance in this piece.

Reform for the Future. The United Nations is undoubtedly ready for reform. Reports have been commissioned and meetings have been set. Media coverage of recent scandals has made it more necessary than ever for the UN to address its shortcomings. So what are the most important reforms? And what impact will they have on how effective the United Nations can become?


Peace Keepers The Stanley Foundation, along with the UN Foundation, is sponsoring local showings of The Peacekeepers, a documentary on the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. If you would like your organization to show the film, find out how by contacting us.

Courier 50 Cover The spring 2006 issue of Courier is now available. This issue features a look back over fifty issues of the magazine and a look ahead at the United Nations, a long-term view of US foreign policy, highlights of a recent poll of Iraqi civilians, a summation of the Iranian nuclear issue, and insight into the US international affairs budget. Read these articles in the new issue.