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Related Publications

The Stanley Foundation often brings together foreign policy experts, scholars, and government representatives to discuss the work of the United Nations and suggest ways this work can be done better. Read the reports, summaries, and recommendations that have come from these conferences and meetings.

Building Consensus for "Our Shared Responsibility" (104KB)
Experts and representatives of the United Nations were brought together to discuss and assess the progress of talks surrounding proposed UN reforms. Participants considered how feasible "clusters" of reform were and how governments could proceed in order to build consensus around the proposals. This report summarizes the discussion of the conference and the conclusions were reached.

Accepting "Our Shared Responsibility" (109KB)
Fifteen UN member state representatives met to assess recommendations to strengthen the UN made by recent high-level reports before putting forward their opinions on which strategies may build a greater sense of shared purpose among member states.

Capturing the 21st Century Security Agenda: Prospects for Collective Responses (1.2MB PDF)
What steps might Kofi Annan's High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change recommend to update the international security system? The Stanley Foundation compiled some answers by bringing together experts, diplomats, and some panel members.

Updating the United Nations to Confront 21st Century Threats: The Challenge to the High-Level Panel (281KB PDF)
A group of policy experts; UN ambassadors; and members of the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change examine ways the United Nations should be updated and how the 16-member panel can best help with the task.

Issues Before the UN's High-Level Panel—Development, Poverty, and Security (74KB PDF)
A group of prominent scholars and policy practitioners focus on the links between poverty and security; the utility of development as a tool for conflict prevention; and the appropriate role of the United Nations in addressing those issues.

Issues Before the UN's High-Level Panel—Small Arms and Light Weapons (64KB PDF)
Small arms and light weapons, which continue to pose a grave threat to human security in the world, remain a cross-cutting problem that highlights the blind spots of the international system. How can the United Nations develop solutions?

Issues Before the UN's High-Level Panel—Intervention in Humanitarian Crisis (71KB PDF)
How could the world community respond more decisively if another bloodletting, such as the Rwandan genocide, were to break out? Includes recommendations for how the high-level panel can offer critical leadership.

Issues Before the UN's High-Level Panel—The Use of Force (65KB PDF)
How should the principles of the UN Charter be applied to today's threats? The panel has a unique opportunity to enhance the international community's understanding of the complex issues surrounding the use of force in a post-9/11 world.

The Secretary-General's High-Level Panel on Security Threats—Maximizing Prospects for Success (88KB PDF)
A group of policy experts examine the challenges facing the 16-member panel appointed to determine whether the world's rules-based multilateral forum and its dominant superpower can work harmoniously to guarantee international peace and security.


Peace Keepers The Stanley Foundation, along with the UN Foundation, is sponsoring local showings of The Peacekeepers, a documentary on the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. If you would like your organization to show the film, find out how by contacting us.

Courier 50 Cover The spring 2006 issue of Courier is now available. This issue features a look back over fifty issues of the magazine and a look ahead at the United Nations, a long-term view of US foreign policy, highlights of a recent poll of Iraqi civilians, a summation of the Iranian nuclear issue, and insight into the US international affairs budget. Read these articles in the new issue.