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2005 UN World Summit

On September 14 more than 170 world leaders met in New York to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. But this was not their only task. They also came together to bolster the renewal and modernization efforts needed to bring the United Nations into the 21st century. The Stanley Foundation has supported these reform efforts since its early days. Find out more about our work and the work of organizations like ours.


David Shorr appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio's Ben Meren's show September 21, 2005. They discussed the results of the 2005 summit, Ambassador John Bolton, and UN reform.

The Stanley Foundation's David Shorr says that at the close of the 2005 United Nations World Summit "much work remained to be done." What is the next step for a renewed UN, and how will the UN move forward?

In his address to the 2005 summit, President George Bush declared that "the United Nations has taken the first steps toward reform. The process will continue in the General Assembly this fall, and the United States will join with others to lead the effort." Read his full speech.

Read the 2005 World Summit final outcome document agreed to by United Nations members on September 13, 2005.

The Official 2005 United Nations World Summit site provides up-to-the-minute information about the negotiations, meetings, and events that will make up the summit. Watch live Webcasts and listen to UN radio.

The Stanley Foundation and more than 30 other organizations have signed on to a letter for the President of the United States and the Secretary of State, urging them to play a constructive role at the 2005 summit. Read the letter and find out what you can do to support US participation at the summit.

With US Ambassador John Bolton submitting 750 changes to a UN communiqué on reform just three weeks prior to its approval, it seems diplomacy is a dying art in New York. But David Shorr finds that the United States is not alone in their diplomatic tactics. In his view, the UN suffers from a cooperation deficit, which is weakening the security of all nations.

Citizens for Global Solutions has created fun and interesting resources about UN reform efforts. Watch a cartoon, read the fact sheets about the main issues of UN reform, and find out what US priorities really are.

ReformtheUN.org tracks global reactions to United Nations' reform efforts. It is a project of the World Federalist Institute-Institute for Global Policy.

The recent Oil-for-Food scandal has brought widespread attention to the issue of accountability among UN staff members and administrators. Find out the facts behind the media reports at oilforfoodfacts.com.


Peace Keepers The Stanley Foundation, along with the UN Foundation, is sponsoring local showings of The Peacekeepers, a documentary on the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. If you would like your organization to show the film, find out how by contacting us.

Courier 50 Cover The spring 2006 issue of Courier is now available. This issue features a look back over fifty issues of the magazine and a look ahead at the United Nations, a long-term view of US foreign policy, highlights of a recent poll of Iraqi civilians, a summation of the Iranian nuclear issue, and insight into the US international affairs budget. Read these articles in the new issue.